Abbreviated Rules and Regulations

A Champion must defend her title every six months, if at that time she has no contract to defend, she can be stripped of her title. After one year with no defence the title will be declared vacant.

If a champion is fighting for the title of any other sanctioning body, without defending our title, the champion will be stripped of the title.

If a promoter makes an offer to a champion after her six months defending time has expired, she must defend her title providing that the purse money is the minimum required by the W.I.B.F. as in the following schedule:

Purse Money


World Champion

5000.00 USD


Intercontinental Champion

3500.00 USD


W.E.B.F. or Americas Champion

2500.00 USD


If more than one promoter wishes to promote a vacant title, they must make bids and the promoter who offers the highest purse money will get the fight.

A Champion is responsible to keep in contact with the W.I.B.F. and inform them of any of the following:



If a champion wishes to change the weight class she is competing in, either by fighting for another title or by relinquishing the title she holds.


A Champion should also inform the W.I.B.F. if she changes her manager or promoter. Also if her address or phone number changes, as the W.I.B.F. must be able to contact their title holders at all times.


Names and Adresses

of the officials

Namen und Adressen

der Offiziellen

Barbara Buttrick

2445 Flamingo Place 3

Miami Beach, Fl. 33140

Telephon 305-531-0380


Jürgen Lutz

Daxlander Straße 70a

76185 Karlsruhe – Germany

Telephon +49 – 171 – 5280354


Lana Keeton

The Vistas 301

1 Century Lane, Belle Isle

Miami Beach, Fl. 33139

Telephon 305-538-4501